K-2 Return Quick Guide

Sign Up for SchoolMessenger Text Messaging service
Opt-in to receive text messages from the school, including emergency notifications.

Health Screening QR
Answer and submit the Health Screening questions every day.  Upon completion, follow the instructions on the confirmation page.

How to Add the Health Screening Survey to Your Phone Like an App

Principal’s Letter – 9/24/20
“Please do not send your children to school if they have runny noses, sore throats, congestion, or any one of the symptoms on the list.  Students who stay home because they have symptoms can still access instruction through our remote learning channels.  If your children have runny noses or teary eyes due to allergies, we will need a note from your pediatrician; otherwise, we will send them home.”

If a Member of Your Family is Ill
King County’s checklist regarding your child’s ability to return to school following exposure to Covid-19 or presenting with cold or flu-like symptoms.

St. John School’s Reopening Plan

King County Covid Response Toolkit

K-2 Town Hall – 9/17/20
Time-stamped discussion about returning to school and continued remote learning for families who opt out of in-person learning.

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