Town Hall – K-2 Curriculum

In place of a traditional curriculum night, we hosted a virtual town hall, featuring all teachers, assistant teachers, and specialists tasked with educating St. John School’s Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. Unfortunately, we missed recording the first 5 minutes of the meeting, but Mrs. Tsagalakis singing our school song can be found here. Also in attendance were Principal O’Leary and Vice Principal Kelley, who announced a tentative reopening date for these grades. None of this is possible without our immensely supportive community – thank you, everyone, for always showing up (and wearing masks).

Here are some time-stamped moments we’d like to highlight:

0:40 – Tentative K-2 Reopening Date Announced, October 5th. More details here.
7:19 – Community: Backpack Blessing, Jog-a-thon, Curbside Lunch, and more.
11:24 – Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and Specialists.
34:06 – Thank You to Faculty/Staff, Q&A starts
35:04 – If we reopen, what will happen to lunch?
36:35 – Covid Protocols
39:58 – Remote Learning Plan for families who opt out of in-school instruction.
42:19 – Vice Principal Kelley remarks on at-home assessment testing.
44:38 – Reading Specialist and other small group scheduling.
47:35 – Update on Preschool’s reopening and lessons learned.

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