PA Meeting – 5/6/21

Hi everyone, Thanks for the truly great discussion last Thursday. Sara and I spoke for a long time afterwards, and some of the notes that follow were produced as a result of that offline conversation. For the meeting recording, go here:

– Hospitality Chairs, we’re closing in on the end of the year, and this is typically when we thank our faculty and staff one last time, through Scrip, similar to Christmas.
– Everyone on our school’s staff from our maintenance personnel to our PE teachers has worked tirelessly to safely keep our children in school, and this is an invitation for your grade’s PA/Hospitality team to gift those that you can, one last time.
– A link to our Online Scrip Purchasing Tool will be sent in the next week and orders will be due by May 28th.
– Please direct questions to Chris Sourov,
– She’s the best.
– Enjoy the last week of school and happy Graduation!
– If you have any further feedback regarding PA, please don’t hesitate to email us, and we’ll schedule some time to talk.
– With the cancelation of our June meeting, we unfortunately won’t get a tearful goodbye speech from Tricia. Simply put, though: St. John is better because of her, and she will be sorely missed by anyone who has had the benefit of working with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to teach me the ropes and weather the storm that was 2020.
– Thank you for your feedback regarding our meeting time for next year. We won’t make a decision soon regarding this, but it’s important to see how people are feeling right now. We’ll ask again closer to September.
– Responses were mixed and participants hope to be as involved as their work and family responsibilities permit.
– We have to stay flexible to the limitations Covid might project on us.
– If we are capable of having in-person meetings, perhaps there can still be a CSPAN-like live Zoom component?
– If we can, a request was made that we continue recording meetings.
– We’re doing this a little differently this year. For now, we would love to know if you’re interested in signing up for PA for ’21-’22. In the summer, we’ll contact you and your grade’s team, to give you the opportunity to discuss how you’d like to divy up roles.
– This broad initial approach should help new parents feel more welcome to ask questions, contribute, and carve out a role that works best for them.
– We will send a follow-up Sign Up by the end of summer to give you the opportunity to solidify your roles.
– Helping new families navigate life at St. John is fun and rewarding.
Thank you for weathering a pandemic with us, everyone. Your hard work helped our teachers get through some really tough times. The work still continues to keep each other safe, and to remind our staff that we are so grateful for them, but for what it’s worth, I think you’re a truly special group of volunteers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

PA Meeting – 3/4/21

This month, coming off an applications cycle in which we saw close to 200 new families applying to come to St. John School, we focused on admissions. Jonna Skokan, our Admissions and Development Director, was in attendance and so was our Vice Principal, Paul Kelley. Here are some time stamps to help you skim through:

St. John Welcome Committee
Showing Thanks to PE Staff
Appreciation Webpage

Education Night: Domestic Violence, New Beginnings

This was our first Parent Education Night of ’20-’21, featuring Rachelle Nesta, the Director of Development for New Beginnings. Thank you to the group of moms who helped put this together. As discussed in the video, domestic violence is one of the few problems we can sizably prevent by simply talking about it within our communities. Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to partner with an organization like New Beginnings to meaningfully help survivors of domestic violence too.


PA Meeting – 12/3/20

As always, thank you all for your thoughtfulness and dedication. We surprisingly covered a lot of ground at this meeting, despite all the uncertainty surrounding us. If you want to skip through topics, the time stamps below go from beginning to end.

Recent response to Covid exposure at St. John
Covid notes from Principal O’Leary after meeting with county officials
Holiday travel, community considerations
Auction update from Lauren Exnicios
Scrip update from Tricia
Check-in with Hospitality and Appreciation Project
Considerations when gifting outside of Hospitality
Unbound Christmas giving
Continued discussion for Appreciation Project, creative measures

St. John administration, faculty and staff are so very grateful for our community.  Your partnership, generosity and support inspire us, especially during these uncertain times – thank you.

During the holidays, families may want to show teachers their appreciation outside of or in addition to class gifts and scrip.*  To keep our community safe and healthy, we ask that, at this time, you follow these guidelines:

Drop Off:  Cards and/or gifts may be dropped off in the Parish vestibule on the following days (look for a box marked “Faculty and Staff”):

        • Monday, 12/14, 10-2pm
        • Wednesday, 12/16, 10-2pm
        • Thursday, 12/17, 10-2pm

If you would prefer to mail a card, please address it to your teacher, c/o St. John School, 120 N. 79th St., Seattle, WA 98103

  • On-Campus Learners may deliver cards and/or gifts directly to teachers.Homemade Baked Goods:  While we love your cooking, the school kindly asks, for this holiday, that you do not gift homemade baked goods.  Though there is currently no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 through food, to minimize risks, we cannot accept food made in private kitchens at this time.
  • Historically most grades have gifted Scrip credit as Christmas gifts to faculty and staff.  The hospitality chair(s) typically coordinate and collect donations from parents to create a larger pool of funds, which is distributed to faculty and staff as Scrip gift.  If you are unsure if your grade is doing this, please check with your room parent.

PA Meeting – 11/5/20

This was our third PA meeting of ’20-’21, and this was a special one. We were fortunate to have Mrs. Abby Mansfield and Ms. Chloe Shaw in attendance to discuss Social Justice. As you can see in the video above, it was an uplifting and informative conversation. Normal PA business follows. Please accept this recording in lieu of our classic meeting notes.

Some links:
Antiracism Resources

Please skip to 43:21 for our discussion regarding our ongoing Monthly Recognition of faculty, specialists, and staff.

A quick update from Principal O’Leary on our school’s reaction to the rising Covid numbers is at 1:01:15.

This wasn’t covered during the meeting, but we were asked to remind everyone about Traffic Safety.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email Tricia or me. Thank you all for your continued and bountiful support.

K-2 Return Quick Guide

Sign Up for SchoolMessenger Text Messaging service
Opt-in to receive text messages from the school, including emergency notifications.

Health Screening QR
Answer and submit the Health Screening questions every day.  Upon completion, follow the instructions on the confirmation page.

How to Add the Health Screening Survey to Your Phone Like an App

Principal’s Letter – 9/24/20
“Please do not send your children to school if they have runny noses, sore throats, congestion, or any one of the symptoms on the list.  Students who stay home because they have symptoms can still access instruction through our remote learning channels.  If your children have runny noses or teary eyes due to allergies, we will need a note from your pediatrician; otherwise, we will send them home.”

If a Member of Your Family is Ill
King County’s checklist regarding your child’s ability to return to school following exposure to Covid-19 or presenting with cold or flu-like symptoms.

St. John School’s Reopening Plan

King County Covid Response Toolkit

K-2 Town Hall – 9/17/20
Time-stamped discussion about returning to school and continued remote learning for families who opt out of in-person learning.

St. John Parent Association

Welcome Parents! The St. John School Parent Association (PA) looks to you – our vibrant parent community – to come together to support activities, events, and service opportunities at our school. Your support is more vital than ever this year. Get involved and join us!

All St. John Parents are members of the Parent Association. Learn more about PA-sponsored events and how you can be involved by using the navigation links on the left side of the page. Monthly PA meeting dates are currently being held by Zoom and will be published on both the PA and the school calendars – all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions? Contact your PA co-chairs, Tricia Kane-Yi and Allan Quiaoit

Town Hall – 6-8 Curriculum

To finish our Fall 2020 curriculum series, we hosted a town hall featuring all teachers, specialists, and staff educating and supporting St. John’s middle schoolers.

Here are some time stamps to help you navigate quickly:

0:00 – “Together We Can,” sung by Ms. Tsagalakis
5:04 – Vice Principal Kelley, Covid and Remote Learning topics
9:24 – Principal O’Leary on Re-Opening
16:56 – Community Building
20:57 – Teachers begin
31:45 – Overview of Mr. Tice’s PowerSchool scoring
36:10 – Ms. Mansfield opens up regarding the distinct opportunity to educate through these unprecedented times
41:26 – Mr. Thomas briefly touches on support for high school applications
44:59 – Specialists begin
1:02:07 – How will tests be handled?
1:05:11 – What about science experiments?
1:06:46 – Discussion regarding the Buddy Program, Mentorship
1:08:19 – Deeper conversation regarding the philosophy of at-home testing, trust
1:10:22 – Embracing remote learning format, Social Justice, and “Brave Space”

Town Hall – 3-5 Curriculum

As part of our curricular department series, on September 22, 2020, we hosted a town hall featuring all teachers and support staff for St. John’s intermediate grades 3 through 5.

We’d like to highlight these moments:

6:30 – Vice Principal Kelley opening comments, school mission
7:58 – 3-5 Re-Opening Plan, click here for detailed PDF
12:26 – Community Building
16:39 – Teacher Introductions begin
22:44 – Assistant Introductions begin
25:14 – Specialist Introductions begin
40:28 – Thank You to Staff, Q&A begins
42:33 – What else can we do as parents?
44:37 – Return date for grades 3-5?
46:48 – Will city keep 1st Ave closed in front of school?
48:17 – Send pictures to Jonna Skokan
49:00 – New surveys will go out to parents if 3-5 can return
49:49 – Tips for finding the right balance between helping and hovering?
53:11 – Broaching the topic of Social Justice
54:58 – Remarks regarding logistics for families who have some portion of the family returning to school, but another portion that isn’t