Town Hall – Preschool

This was a smaller town hall on August 27th to introduce our new preschool teachers, Allie Baber and Tasha Boldon, as well as discuss in-person instruction for preschool students. Also in attendance: Principal Bernadette O’Leary, Vice Principal Paul Kelley, Development Director Jonna Skokan, Parent Association Co-Chairs Tricia Kane-Yi and Allan Quiaoit, and teachers and staff members Vanessa Castillo, Roisin Halley, and Rachelle Overby. Unfortunately, we only have audio for this one, but we’ll make sure to capture video for the next one.

Here are some moments to highlight:

00:00 – Welcome, Remembering Mrs. Flood
04:02 – Introduce New Teachers, Ms. Boldon and Ms. Baber
05:56 – Begin Discussion Re: New Protocols and Covid
15:02 – Begin Questions
16:53 – Requests to Change AM/PM/XDC
17:26 – Cohorts, Separation, Use of Space
18:30 – Snack and Lunch
19:55 – Mask Wearing
21:48 – Screenings, Day-to-Day Logistics
25:32 – Protocols in the Case of Suspected Covid Infection, Checklist
30:04 – Orientation
32:18 – Keeping Each Other Healthy
35:05 – STEAM, Class Plans
39:52 – Remote Learning
41:12 – Chef Michael’s Hot Lunch
43:14 – Curriculum, AM vs PM
45:51 – Drop-off, Pick-up
48:52 – Preliminary Teacher Assignments

Once again, thank you for all of your thoughtful questions. If we didn’t get to them, our staff has certainly read them and is considering them with the same weight as if they were asked in our live session. And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Tricia Kane-Yi and Allan Quiaoit, PA Co-Chairs

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