Town Hall – 6-8 Curriculum

To finish our Fall 2020 curriculum series, we hosted a town hall featuring all teachers, specialists, and staff educating and supporting St. John’s middle schoolers.

Here are some time stamps to help you navigate quickly:

0:00 – “Together We Can,” sung by Ms. Tsagalakis
5:04 – Vice Principal Kelley, Covid and Remote Learning topics
9:24 – Principal O’Leary on Re-Opening
16:56 – Community Building
20:57 – Teachers begin
31:45 – Overview of Mr. Tice’s PowerSchool scoring
36:10 – Ms. Mansfield opens up regarding the distinct opportunity to educate through these unprecedented times
41:26 – Mr. Thomas briefly touches on support for high school applications
44:59 – Specialists begin
1:02:07 – How will tests be handled?
1:05:11 – What about science experiments?
1:06:46 – Discussion regarding the Buddy Program, Mentorship
1:08:19 – Deeper conversation regarding the philosophy of at-home testing, trust
1:10:22 – Embracing remote learning format, Social Justice, and “Brave Space”

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