Scrip Gift Form

Scrip Teacher Gifts

  • Due Date - November 30, 2020

    Each teacher/staff member on the list will receive one Scrip gift certificate (the total of all gifts given by all people). Your gift will be combined with others - you will be listed as a contributor but the dollar amount you give will not be listed. You may give as little as $5; small amounts add up quickly when there are many contributors! Note that Middle School teachers are included in both the teacher section for homeroom and in the specialist section for additional gifts.
  • Instructions

    Enter the amount for each teacher/staff member you are gifting below, then send a check to Scrip (you can leave check in either the school or parish office or send in with your child to give to their teacher). **Please submit one check for the full amount, made payable to St. John Scrip and note the grade. The form will keep a running total at the bottom so please verify it matches the check amount.** If preferred, you can also pay the full amount due online using a credit card at this site: . Select the option: "No, I want to set up and pay for a Standing Order" and then enter a note "Payment for (X) grade's Teacher Christmas Scrip gift". Your payment will be matched up with your teacher gift submission form and allocated to each teacher/staff's scrip account as indicated.
  • Specialists

  • Administration, Maintenance & Kitchen